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Conflict Resolution

Trena Wade and Kris Guin Are your self-advocacy organization’s members fighting with each other? Are your self-advocacy organization’s leaders not getting along and working well with each other? Then, you might be interested in this webinar on conflict resolution. Click here to review the webinar

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Avoid Judging – Presume Competence

To presume competence means to believe that all people with disabilities have abilities. It means not looking at someone and pre-judging what they can and can’t do. It is about having high expectations and dreams for us. Most people with disabilities perform better than expected when others expect them to do well. Expectations are a…

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Starting a Non-Profit is Like Having a Baby: 8 Questions Your Group Should Ask Before Starting a NonProfit

Many self advocacy organizations want to become formalized non-profits recognized by the state and local government. Being a formal nonprofit gives groups more credibility, and allows them to have full autonomy over their decision-making process. At the same time, running a non-profit requires a lot of responsibility that running a project or group does not.…

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