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Self-Advocacy Leadership Manual

This Leadership Manual is useful to self-advocates as an easy-to-use guide to help start a self-advocacy group and/or strengthen an existing group. The sections make finding information easy, and activities are included throughout. This Leadership Manual helps support the learning and strengthening of rights, self-determination, choices and decisions through the following sections: Self-Advocacy Spreading the…

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Managing a Grant

Once you are awarded a grant it is important to manage the grant correctly to make sure you do the work intended and you meet all requirements. This presentation talks about important terms and sections of the grant that should be reviewed constantly by project managers to make sure they manage grant properly.

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Conflict Resolution

Trena Wade and Kris Guin Are your self-advocacy organization’s members fighting with each other? Are your self-advocacy organization’s leaders not getting along and working well with each other? Then, you might be interested in this webinar on conflict resolution. Click here to review the webinar

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