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Making It Happen!

The following stories are real examples of  Self-Determination in New York State.  Nineteen people with disabilities tell how went from getting services from an agency to being in charge of their own services. They developed supports based on their needs and dreams. These people are changing the way people get services. They tell you how…

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All About Groups

This resource is about forming self-advocacy groups, Self-advocacy groups provide a supportive environment where individuals can develop confidence and independence while working on issues that are important to them. It is important to help each other and always try to include and value the opinion of everyone in the group.  Self-Advocacy groups are as unique…

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Welcome to Twitterland!

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Come join in on a self-advocacy quest with Kim and Jess to Twitter. Here we will explore the world of twitter and find treasures to help our mission, and reach more people of like minds. By: Jessica Levesque and Kim Schleuter from Self Advocacy Association in NYS and NEAT North East Advocates Together Peer to…

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