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Increasing Available Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities In Rural and Urban West Virginia

Melissa Southall is a self-advocate from West Virginia. She did a SARTAC Fellowship for one year. On October 19, 2020, Melissa presented a webinar on her project. October 15, 2020 – Click here to get the presentation handout October 15, 2020 – Click here to view a recording of the webinar. In 2020 she completed two…

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Plain Language Tips For Working With Support Staff During COVID-19

Tips For Working With Support Staff During COVID-19 People with intellectual and developmental disabilities wrote these tips. The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is changing our lives in many ways for a while. These tips can help you deal with the changes. On March 20, 2020, SARTAC held a focus group online with peer leaders from across…

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SANYS Supported Decisions Storytelling Project

This 7-minute video was made by Self-Advocacy Association of New York State. They believe all people with developmental disabilities have the right to make decisions about their lives. We feel that people with developmental disabilities make their decisions in different ways. Sometimes people make decisions on their own. Sometimes with support from others. Sometimes they…

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We Have Choices

A 30-minute video on people with disabilities in New York who are running their own services. It was made in 2009 but there are many important lessons. You meet people who used to live in institutions who are moved to living in their own homes, with one or two housemates. For too many years money…

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Real Work For Real Pay: A Self-Advocate’s Guide to Employment Policy

This toolkit is about Employment First. Employment First means that: people with disabilities should be able to get the same kind of jobs as people without disabilities. workers with disabilities should get paid the same for the same work as workers without disabilities. This toolkit will explain: What Employment First is Why Employment First happened…

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