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Real Work For Real Pay: A Self-Advocate’s Guide to Employment Policy

This toolkit is about Employment First. Employment First means that: people with disabilities should be able to get the same kind of jobs as people without disabilities. workers with disabilities should get paid the same for the same work as workers without disabilities. This toolkit will explain: What Employment First is Why Employment First happened…

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Making It Happen!

The following stories are real examples of  Self-Determination in New York State.  Nineteen people with disabilities tell how went from getting services from an agency to being in charge of their own services. They developed supports based on their needs and dreams. These people are changing the way people get services. They tell you how…

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Advocating for More Flexible Self-Directed Services and Hosts to Promote Employment

Robert Peterson is a self-advocate from Illinois and is a 2017-2018 SARTAC Fellow. Bob’s project was creating materials about Advocating for More Flexible Self-Directed Services and Hosts to Promote Employment. Bob worked in partnership with the University of Illinois Chicago UCEDD (Institute on Disability and Human Development) in Chicago, Illinois. Bob developed the following resources as…

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Environmental Checklist (See How Self-Advocates are Involved in an Agency)

The Environmental Checklist can help identify gaps in self-advocate involvement in the life of an agency or disability organization. People can fill out the checklist as a group or alone. It can be used by staff with different levels of responsibility. We have found that self-advocates often have different views than agency directors. The Environmental…

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Disability Awareness Poster for Service Providers

People First of Nebraska has developed a series of Disability Advocacy posters to promote awareness, inclusion, and respectful language and behavior towards people with disabilities. This poster was created for service providers. Click the link below to download this poster. Posters were developed with the generous funding from the Nebraska Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities. Limited…

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