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We Have Choices

A 30-minute video on people with disabilities in New York who are running their own services. It was made in 2009 but there are many important lessons. You meet people who used to live in institutions who are moved to living in their own homes, with one or two housemates. For too many years money…

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My Voice Counts: Supported Decision Making, An Alternative to Guardianship

This guide will give you ideas in 5 different areas of Supported Decision Making: Understanding Supported Decision Making as an Alternative to Guardianship How to Organize Your Ideas About What You Would Like to Do and What You Might Need How to Choose the Right People to Be a Part of Your Support Team How…

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Making It Happen!

The following stories are real examples of  Self-Determination in New York State.  Nineteen people with disabilities tell how went from getting services from an agency to being in charge of their own services. They developed supports based on their needs and dreams. These people are changing the way people get services. They tell you how…

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How to Make a Supported Decision-Making Agreement

Supported Decision-Making is a way to get help making choices. Supported Decision-Making means that you make your own choices. You can choose family, friends, or staff who you want to help you make your choices. The people who will help you understand and make your choices are called “supporters”. Supporters are there to help you.…

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Thinking Ahead: My Life, My Choice, My Life at the End

This Thinking Ahead workbook provides a way to advocate for what you want in life support treatment and other end-of life choices. Complete these pages and you will be prepared. You will have a plan to share with important people in your life. The Thinking Ahead workbook and DVD project was led by California advocates…

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