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My Voice Counts: Supported Decision Making, An Alternative to Guardianship

This guide will give you ideas in 5 different areas of Supported Decision Making: Understanding Supported Decision Making as an Alternative to Guardianship How to Organize Your Ideas About What You Would Like to Do and What You Might Need How to Choose the Right People to Be a Part of Your Support Team How…

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The Alliance’s Top Ten List for a Strong Self-Advocacy Group

The stronger and healthier a self-advocacy group is, the more powerful and sustainable it will be! Use this Top Ten List for a Strong Self-Advocacy Group checklist to determine the “health” of your self-advocacy group and make plans to be as healthy and strong as possible. Self-advocacy groups can rate themselves on both internal (within…

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People Coloring Pictures

Advocates in Action created this book as a fun way and comfortable way to have conversations about Person Centered Planning and other important issues.  It is an adult coloring book that includes artwork and ideas from members of the Advocates in Action Rhode Island  Leadership Series. Class members drew these pictures as we discussed topics…

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SMART Goals Guide

How can you and your group create goals that make the best action plan possible? This guide explains SMART Goals. SMART goals are a way to create those kinds of goals. But what do the letters in SMART stand for? What are some good things about using SMART goals? What are some examples of groups…

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