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Love & Inclusion in the Real World: Podcasts With Families

“Two moms.  One dream.  Love and Inclusion in the Real World.” Love & Inclusion in the Real World is an exploration of inclusion throughout the lifespan, from school to the workplace to community life.  Tena Green & Hettie Hueber hope to expand awareness that inclusion is not just the evidence-based thing to do, but also…

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Advocating Change Together’s OLMSTEAD Academy

Advocating Change Together has responded to Minnesota’s recent push for more integration by launching the Olmstead Academy. The Academy is a 12-month program of classroom and fieldwork through which self-advocates, working in teams, are positioned to help lead the state’s Olmstead Plan, and its goal of greater community integration for people with disabilities. Classroom sessions cover…

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Disability Awareness Poster for the Community

People First of Nebraska has developed a series of Disability Advocacy posters to promote awareness, inclusion, and respectful language and behavior towards people with disabilities. This poster was created for members of our community. Click the link below to download this poster. Posters were developed with the generous funding from the Nebraska Planning Council for Developmental…

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Long Road Home Campaign in 2015

This video blog is about how the Long Road Home Campaign got started with the U. S. Supreme Court Olmstead decision. The court ruled the Americans with Disabilities Act requires state agencies to provide services in the community. Watch individuals share their stories about moving out of nursing home, making decisions, being in their own…

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