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COVID-19 Plain Language Guidance for Employees with Developmental Disabilities

OSHA means the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This government office makes rules to keep people safe and healthy at work. OSHA has rules that will protect workers from COVID-19. This booklet uses plain language to describe many of those rules. It includes information and tools to use to make a decision about going out…

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Una Guía de autodefensa contra COVID-19

El coronavirus o COVID-19 cambiará nuestras vidas en muchos aspectos por un tiempo. A partir del 9 de marzo de 2020, Green Mountain Self-Advocates ha coorganizado 3 reuniones de zoom por semana para y por personas con discapacidades intelectuales y del desarrollo. En respuesta a nuestras conversaciones, hemos creado este paquete informativo sobre el coronavirus…

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Know Your Rights: People with Disabilities Can Have a Supporter in the Hospital during COVID-19

Because of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus there are big changes in how hospitals and doctor’s offices work. They are not letting people visit patients. On June 9, 2020, the US Office of Civil Rights made it clear that all hospitals and doctor’s offices must allow patients with disabilities to have a supporter with them. This…

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