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Songwriting with a Message

Learn how to write songs about some of the “themes of Self-Advocacy” that Self-Advocates and Allies want to share with others. Advocates in Action has been leading a self-advocacy project about songwriting in self-advocacy. Advocates in Action produced a video that demonstrates the “how to” behind the scenes that goes into writing a song. This…

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Using Videos in Self-Advocacy

This resource is a recording of a webinar and helpful links to more information. In this webinar self-advocates and allies described how they make their own videos. They show how to use an iPhone for recording videos on it. They answered questions about posting videos on YouTube and using natural lighting. Click here to watch…

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Story Garden

No matter who you are, you have a story to tell. This Guidebook will teach you how to share your story and other people’s stories by creating a Story Garden. The Story Garden Guide Book includes: Sample Press Release Sample Flyer to Advertise Event and Collect Stories Sample Stories Sample Story Flags Directions to Make…

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