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Parent Perspective on Supported Decision Making

Supported Decision Making is a process that leads to self-determination for people with disabilities. Joan McCarty is the parent of John McCarty. Michael Kendrick is the director of initiatives on supported decision-making for Center for Public Representation. Joan and Michael discuss the considerations and issues related to Supported Decision Making for people with disabilities.  …

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Love & Inclusion in the Real World: Podcasts With Families

“Two moms.  One dream.  Love and Inclusion in the Real World.” Love & Inclusion in the Real World is an exploration of inclusion throughout the lifespan, from school to the workplace to community life.  Tena Green & Hettie Hueber hope to expand awareness that inclusion is not just the evidence-based thing to do, but also…

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Hosting a Dinner for Family Members

One fun way to get families more involved in self-advocacy is for members of a local group to host a dinner for their families. This resource is a handout written by self-advocates in Vermont about how they used a family dinner to discuss why it is important to belong to a self-advocacy group.

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