Internships in Washington DC or “Hillternships”

Grace Hart is a federal relations specialist for the University of Illinois System. She previously worked as a legislative intern for both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. Grace created a guidebook for autistic people interning on Capitol Hill titled, “An Autistic Person’s Guide to Hillternships,”

It includes: 

  • Introduction to Hillternships
  • Applying and Interviewing for a Hillternship
  • How to Turn Your Hillternship Into a Job
  • a website
  • a PowerPoint about giving a tour on Capitol Hill
  • A one-pager with links to accessibility resources on Capitol Hill.

Giving tours is one of the most difficult aspects of interning on Capitol Hill. For autistic people, sensory overload and disorientation can ruin the experience. I made this resource to help autistic people prepare to give their first tour of Capitol Hill and hopefully help make it more enjoyable.

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