The SARTAC Fellowship is a year-long opportunity for self-advocates to develop and grow their skills as leaders in the self-advocacy movement.  Fellows work with a supporting host organization on policy issues or a project that can help develop their leadership skills.

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Susan Photo face (1)

Susan Parker

“I have learned how to handle different people. Explore new ways to do things.”

Quotes from SARTAC Fellows 2022- 2023 on how completing a Fellowship increased their leadership skills


Nathaniel Livernois

“Through this fellowship, my communication skills have grown. I have also learned how to help others communicate what they need better.”

Nathan Turner

Nathan Turner

“I have learned some significant lessons from the fellowship. Never make assumptions about what the audience understands. I initially anticipated having a different type of discussion simplifying more technical things but ended up in a much broader place because of the feedback I received. I certainly became more comfortable talking about my project through the various conferences of attended even though I have public speaking experience. I also realize the importance of flexibility and the value of sharing my own lived experiences.”

Kenneth Kelly pic

Kenneth Kelty

“I knew my story, but it helped hearing other people's stories and until it happens to you are not always aware how your story can affect somebody else. Instead of the project being just about disability advocacy it expanded to being more about disability justice issues. I am being asked to speak at conferences and lead advocate panels.”

Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson

“The fellowship helped me become a better leader and advocate because the SARTAC name opened doors for me so I could talk to certain people. For example, sharing the flyer with the pictures and summaries of the 6 projects gave my project credibility. I’ve always been outspoken, but I would never have worried about my equipment before and now I know a lot about the Medicaid process. It taught me things I never thought I would know.”

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