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Mail Your Vote, Everybody

The song “Mail Your Vote, Everybody”, from Minnesota-based ACT Center for Disability Leadership, is part of our effort to help people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to vote-by-mail in the November 2020 election. “Mail Your Vote, Everybody” was written by Bret Hesla on commission for the ACT Center. The singers all Zoom-recorded themselves; after…

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Toolkit for Serving on a Human Rights Committee

Steven Powe is a self-advocate from Washington D.C. and is a 2017-2018 SARTAC Fellow. Steven’s project was creating a Toolkit for Serving on a Human Rights Committee. Steven worked in partnership with Project ACTION! in Washington, DC.. Steven created a Series of six (6) PowerPoints to train self-advocates and others to effectively serve on Human Rights Committees…

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VOTE Project Toolkit

The VOTE Project Voter Education Toolkit is a guide created by leaders in the self advocacy movement to help people teach voter education trainings in their communities. The Voter Education Toolkit includes 8-10 hours of training about registering to vote, voter rights and responsibilities, how to learn about candidates and issues, different ways that people…

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