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Advice For Someone With A Disability Who Wants To Come Out Or Explore Their Sexuality

If you are having sexual thoughts or feelings, do not be ashamed. Do not keep them inside.  Find a healthy way to let those feelings out and talk about them. Here is some advice about “coming out” written by a person with autism. You may also was to check out What the Words Mean –…

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What the Words Mean – A Basic List of LGBTQ Words

As an advocate it is important to get familiar with words used by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) communities. This list was written in plain language. We want you to know: There are many ways to describe these words. Some people may use a different definition. There are many words not on this list. We…

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Resources for Self-Advocates, Families and Allies About Coming Out

Thomas Caswell is a self-advocate from Vermont and is a 2018-2019 SARTAC Fellow. Thomas’ project created resources for youth and adults with developmental disabilities coming out as lesbian, gay or bisexual. He also researched and is recommending other resources geared toward self-advocates, their families and allies. Thomas worked in partnership with Champlain Community Services and…

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Our Common History: Fighting for the Rights of People

Over time, members of minority groups have joined together to fight for their human and civil rights. This paper describes the history of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, the LGBTQ Movement, and the Self-Advocacy Movement.

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