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Managing a Grant

Cover of Managing your grant powerpoint

Once you are awarded a grant it is important to manage the grant correctly to make sure you do the work intended and you meet all requirements. This presentation talks about important terms and sections of the grant that should be reviewed constantly by project managers to make sure they manage grant properly.

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How To Make A Video Blog

Cover of How to Vlog Powerpoint

NEAT: Peer to Peer (Hilary Clark and Skye Peeples) The Pacific Alliance on Disability Self Advocacy (Julia Bransom) SABE: Our Community Standing Strong (Chaqueta Stuckey, Eric Treat, Teresa Moore, Juliana Huereña) This presentation is about how to use use social media. It includes tips on how to make a video blog. You will learn how…

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Grant Writing

Cover of Grant Writing presentation

Grant writing basics are discussed in this presentation including the different sections of the grant such as budget writing and supplementals. The presentation also talks about keywords that are often used within the grants and what those words mean.

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Closing Institutions

Cover of closing institutions

OCSS Alabama (Brittany Gore, Elouise Woods, and Patrick Hackney) and Tennessee (Bill Gage, Sam Gage, Gatha Logan, Ruthie Beckwith) This resource is a webinar and a handout about what states are doing with closing institutions. Alabama will discuss the role P&A played with self-advocates in closing institutions, in particular with Partlow Tennessee will discuss the…

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