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State Level Advocacy

Does your self-advocacy organization want to advocate on the state level? Do you want to learn how to advocate on the state level? This resource guide has information on how the state government works. It also has information on how to advocate at this level.

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Starting a Non-Profit is Like Having a Baby: 8 Questions Your Group Should Ask Before Starting a NonProfit

Many self advocacy organizations want to become formalized non-profits recognized by the state and local government. Being a formal nonprofit gives groups more credibility, and allows them to have full autonomy over their decision-making process. At the same time, running a non-profit requires a lot of responsibility that running a project or group does not.…

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SMART Goals Guide

How can you and your group create goals that make the best action plan possible? This guide explains SMART Goals. SMART goals are a way to create those kinds of goals. But what do the letters in SMART stand for? What are some good things about using SMART goals? What are some examples of groups…

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